Candida Formula 100ml

Candida Formula 100ml

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One of our most popular products. Every 5 ml of Self Heal's original Candida Formula contains Aniseed 29.9mg, Horopito 146.07mg, Golden Seal 29.2mg and Myrrh 29.2mg. 

Candida supports the digestive tract and the reproductive system.

Aniseed - A native of the Middle East. Aniseed contains Anathole and (with polygodial in Horopito) acts synergistically to a healthy balance of good flora in the body. Aniseed is used internally primarily to support the digestive and respiratory systems and externally to soothe skin.

Horopito - A Native of New Zealand Horopito supports the digestive system. Contains polygodial for healthy fungal flora. Soothes healthy skin function. Can be used as a mouth wash.

Golden Seal - A native of Canada and Eastern USA. Golden seal is well known to support the digestive system and all mucous membranes. Supports normal liver and bowel function.

Myrrh - A Native of Arabia and a famous Biblical herb Myrrh supports the body's defence system. For oral, throat, sinus and respiratory health. Helps support the digestive system. Topically it aids smooth comfortable skin and supports local immunity and healthy developing skin.

Candida Tincture has a base of 40% alcohol and purified water.

Directions: SHAKE WELL BEFORE USE. Take 5ml (one teaspoon) after meals.

Caution: As Golden seal stimulates the involuntary muscles of the uterus it is recommended that pregnant women do not exceed the recommended dose.