New Zealand Bush Relaxant Formula 100ml

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Bush Relaxant - For times of stress.

New Zealand Bush Relaxant is a homoeopathically potentised herbal formula.

Each 5 ml contains: Kawakawa 8mg, Matai 2mg, Manawa 7mg, Puka 4mg, Kauri 1.5mg, Tawa 0.5mg, Taraire 3mg, Tarata 3mg and Tanekaha 3mg.

Self Heal's New Zealand Bush Relaxant helps to enhance sleep through relaxation. A better sleep helps to restore energy leaving you feeling revitalised.

It calms by supporting the nervous system resulting in a sense of well-being.

Supports normal stress responses. Take during times of nervous anticipation - plane flights, exams, stage-fright as well as prolonged stress.

New Zealand Bush Relaxant has been safely used for over 16 years

Directions: Take 1 teaspoon 10 minutes before bed. May be taken in hourly drop doses (4-6 drops per hour) for ongoing stressful situations.