Swedish Bitters Face Scrub

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Swedish Bitters Face Scrub leaves your face feeling as soft as a babies bottom. Can also be used as a face mask for the same results.

Self Heal's Swedish Bitters Face Scrub can also be used to draw out imperfections in the skin - especially in the problem areas of the legs.- Place a piece of clean cotton bandage or medical gauze over the affected area, then place a teaspoon or so (more may be required to cover the area) of the Scrub on top of the piece of bandage. Cover and bandage up well. Change morning and night using fresh bandages each time. Regular twice daily changing is very important.

Each 5ml contains:

ALOE VERA  - 33.3mg - Aids smooth digestion and intestinal motility. A healthy digestive tract is self-cleaning and parasite free. Supports the female reproductive system. Assists wth healthy skin.

MYRRH - 16.5mg - a famous Biblical herb. Supports the body's defence systems. For oral, throat, sinus and respiratory health. Helps support the digestive system. Aids in maintaining healthy skin.

SAFFRON - 0.7mg - For supporting healthy sleep patterns. Supports healthy vascular tone in the uterus and digestive health.

GENTIAN -  33.3mg - Supports the bowel and digestion.

CAMPHOR - 33.3mg - For respiratory system and heart health. Supports joint mobility and normal muscle function. To aid normal stress responses.

RHUBARB ROOT - 33.3mg - Aids healthy intestinal motility. A healthy digestive tract removes debris efficiently. Assists the skin's natural barrier.

ZEDOARY - 33.3mg - Supports healthy digestive organs. A healthy digestive tract is free of bloating.

MANNA - 33.3mg - Supports digestive motility.

THERIACA VENEZIAN - 33.3mg - Soothing for animal bites.

CARLINE ROOT - 33.3mg - Supports healthy immune, respiratory, reproductive muscular systems, and normal bladder function.

ANGELICA ROOT - 33.3mg - Supports respiratory health. Supports normal digestion and joint mobility. Supports a healthy bladder. Helps the skin eliminate toxins.